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Model No.: FD-220

Available Capacities: 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB
Available Colors:
Red Blue
Custom Colors: available
Interface Options: Hi-Speed USB 2.0, Standard USB 1.1
Features: Key loop
Standard Turnaroung: 10~14 business days
    Consideration some customers urgent requirement. We provide 2-Days Rush Services for some selected products. click here
    Looking for a particular color that isn't listed on the particular product color option? Actually majority of our Flash Drive can be customized any color..... click here
    Did you want to design a Flash Drive with unique sharp to fit your promotion such as bottle, car, airplane etc.? Our highly-trained staff has the experience, knowledge and skills to design the sharp you need. click here
Custom Logo Options: Color Printing
Printing Areas: Front Side Left/Right(2), Reverse Side Left/Right(2)
Front Printing Size: 0.88" x 0.5" (22.2mm x 12.7mm)
Reverse Printing Size: 0.88" x 0.5" (22.2mm x 12.7mm)
Color Printing/Multi-Color Printing
- Suitable for most products (plastic, metal, leather)
- To print one or more solid colors (white, gray, and black included)
- Most popular choice
Color Printing/Multi-Color Process Printing
- Suitable for most products (plastic, metal, leather)
- Necessary for graphics with gradients, color blending, and many colors
- Best option for light-colored products (white, silver, etc.)

Please note that lanyards/necklaces and key rings are available only for models with key loop. 

Lanyards/Necklaces are great promotional tools and perfect accessories at trade shows, conferences and at work. Your customized USB Flash Drive needs key loop and detaches without having to take off necklace.

Customized Lanyard:
Print your company logo or message on a variety of different necklace styles and colors. Add customized lanyard/necklace to your USB Flash Drive to provide the ultimate customized promotional gift.

Key Ring:
Our key ring is also great to ensure your customized USB Flash Drive is always available when needed. It easily attaches to your set of keys so your Flash Drive will always be with you: the perfect add-on for busy and active users. Note: key loop on flash drive necessary.

USB Extension Cable:
We also offer various USB extension cables in different sizes suitable for your requirements when access of USB ports is inconvenient.

With our data services, your campaign becomes powerful with lasting impression. Our various innovative options will promote your custom content effectively while enhancing company visibility and presence. 
Please note that auto-run, non-erasable file, and hidden files options will work reliably only on a Windows PC. For information about adjusting data content to work on a Mac computer, please ask our sales representatives who will confirm with our R & D department.
Standard Preload
For any type of company/business/organization, we can pre-load all USB flash drives with unique content for any specific applications, including conferences, competitions and sports events. It's the perfect non-aggressive selling method: We simply copy your promotional content to your USB Flash Drives for customers to decide about access.
Menu-Prompt Auto Run
We can also setup and adjust your presentations and other important information to run automatically when these customized USB Flash Drives are inserted in a computer. Windows’ default menu-prompt will show an option leading customers to access your files, which represents an active yet non-compelling way to promote your content.
Paper Gift Box/Magnetic Snap Box:
Our paper gift box with magnetic snap lid and cotton cushion inlay is very attractive as packing option for promotional use or as gift.
Velvet Pouch/Velvet Bag:
Our velvet pouches/velvet bags can also be customized with your logo, which makes them an effective promotional solution.
Blister Packing:
As its inside cards are easily customizable with information about the USB Flash Drive and your company, our clamshell blister packing is very popular.
Round Metal Box:
Our round metal boxes can also be delivered with transparent cover, to make your promotion gift visible.
Rectangular Metal Gift Box:
Our simple but elegant metal gift box with velvet cushion interior is the high-class packing choice for any gift order.
Transparent Metal Box:
Our metal box with transparent cover makes your promotion gift visible.
Paper Box:
Our paper box provides room for USB Flash Drive and other small accessories, being therefore a great option to offer a whole customized USB flash drive set.
Physical Size: 2.31"x0.88"x0.44" (58.67mm x 22.35mm x 11.18mm)
Product Materials: Rubberized High Impact Plastic
Compatibility: For Macs and PCs
Operating System: Windows XP/2000/ME/98 and Mac OS 8.6 and above
Drivers: Required only for Windows 98
Power: No external power required
LED Light: LED indicates power, read/write
Shock Resistance: 1000G
Data Retention: 10 Year Minimum

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